Sunday, 9 February 2014

Quiet Winter

It's been a quiet winter as far as fishing goes. Had a couple of days out but nothing memorable, Christmas and skiing holidays seem to have taken over. But I've tried to keep busy at the fly tying desk, and with most of my Christmas/birthday gifts focused around fly tying there has been plenty of motivation to idle away at my new muskoka vice (fantastic).

Booked up to go back to Slovenia in June this time, can't wait. Hopefully it'll be as successful as Septembers trip, just a lot hotter I imagine!

Thoughts are moving to the new trout season and where to get a membership this year, tried a few places and I think I'll get a few memberships with the more economical clubs. Polite way of saying I'm a bit cheap...spent all my money on fly tying kit and holidays apparently - results included below.

Here are my first attempts of patterns from Oliver Edwards fantastic fly tyers master class.

Baetis nymph


Ryac pupae

Cased caddis

Some simpler, less realistic flys for general restocking for the start of the season.

Hares ear jig

Tungsten jig back

Hot head hares ear

Black and silver jig

On another note I am currently researching cameras and lenses that would be good both macro insect/fly tying pictures and also take a decent scenic picture. I'm leaning towards a Nikon D80 with a 50mm f1.8 lense, but I'd love to hear any suggestions!

Tight lines for the coming season


  1. Some nice flies there - the cased caddis looks deadly.

    1. Cheers Eric, just wish I'd get the chance to try them out!