Monday, 4 May 2015

Cam Brook

I'd planned a Sunday fish for a few weeks, it was the second available weekend since the start of the trout season so I was keen for a full day.

Weather looked good, I was up early and by the river by 10am, not too bad for this time of year. Unfortunately the day was interrupted as I had to turn around and get home to take our poorly cat to the emergency vets (he's fine) - so I was back at the river for 2pm.

Cam brook looks like a tricky but nice little stream, difficult wading, some areas are too deep, and very close trees so it's a roll cast if you're lucky. But it looks like it holds some nice trout. As this was my first trip there it was more a reccy trip, which included slipping on the bank and takin a swim! Good to get the first one in early... Phone was wrecked when I got out, but a radiator and rice fixed it luckily.

Not a bad day, could've been better, but looks like Cam brook has potential.

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