Thursday, 7 June 2012

Finally...the duck has been broken

And it was broken in style! By style I mean a half decent day then a decent half day, more George by Asda than Mr Porter... but never the less it was a good week!

Buckden (as I found out last week) is a notorious stretch in the Bradford City AA for being a slow starter in the fishing season, picking up around May normally.
After a slow start I managed to hook into a decent fish, which moved about 3ft to take a Mayfly nymph, quite a sight in shallow clear water. This finally gave me the confidence in my methods I was looking for! The rest of the day I was upstream nymphing in riffles and the head and tail of runs and managed 5 in total, including 4 on a home tied GRHE, first wild river brown trout to a home tied fly. Great day!

Another irrelevant photo, but until I can find that damn lead that connects my camera to my computer, phone pictures will have to do...

So, following this boost I went for a half day on the River Aire at Keighly. Only about 300yds of fishable river here, but again picked up a few fish on my home tied GRHE including my first ever grayling, until some kids thought it was a good place to throw rocks into the river (cue grumpy premature old man rant under my breath...)
So all in all a fantastic week.

Without a doubt makes all the frustrations, wading accidents, rock salmon and tree trout worth it.

Here are a few home tied Mayfly nymphs I made after I embedded the only one I had in a root sticking out the bank....

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