Friday, 17 August 2012

Weather and Olympics

Obviously, like most other people, fly fishing has taken a back seat recently, what with the weather and Olympics. I've been pretty much glued to the TV for the last two weeks, with the exception of one evening. The Olympics has been amazing, and I'm feeling a gaping hole in my TV sports life now, but hopefully that will be filled with some good evenings of fly fishing in the next few weeks.

The one exception came last Tuesday evening, when, after busy weekends for the last month, I decided to try out the River Aire. To semi-quote Phil Collins, I could not feel it In the Aire tonight....the other night. Anyways, bad puns aside it was high and coloured, a usually shallow fast riffle was a chocolate maelstrom. Sat on the riverside for an hour before deciding that dinner and yet more Olympics would be a better option.

So, now that its all over (I even got to see GB win a gold and bronze in the canoe sprint finals on Saturday, epic) I decided to spend an hour at the vice this evening. Below are my first attempts at sedge patterns. Top two are Coyhaique Caddis patterns from this months FF and FT, and the bottom is a deer spun sedge I copied from my fly box (bought a couple of years ago when I didn't know what a sedge was...but it looked nice!).

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