Monday, 30 July 2012

Fishing and tweeting

Started using twitter a lot more these days,  not for shameless self promotion, more to try and get engaged in the UK and worldwide fly fishing and general angling community. After a year and a half in the north I thought it may be useful to try and connect with more like minded fly fishers, and twitter seems like a decent place considering the about of people/tweeters I've found!

So, if you want to hear about my fly fishing experiences in less than 150 characters, follow me here and I'll follow you back.

Anyway, back to the real reason for this post. Had my best day all season so far last weekend with nine fish in the net including this beaut below

A little too big for my 11" net and I reckon it was around 12-14", this picture doesn't do it justice. Yeh, yeh, yeh I hear you say but honestly it doesn't! Its kinda wrapped around my hand, didn't want to mess around too long trying to take pictures so its a one shot attempt with my phone. Fell to a nymph pattern I tied using V-rib tubing in olive tied around the hook shank, with hares ear and a black tungsten head. Took me by surprise at he was right close to a gap in the bank, thought I was hooked into the bank until he started thrashing! Just middle left of this photo below is where he was sitting, about 3 metres in front of the large bubbles.

Had some interesting action on the dry fly, got one on a CDC emerger. There was no surface action so I guess they were taking either very small terrestrials or nymphs close to the surface. Also managed one on a sherry spinner without a spinner in sight!

Doesn't look like I'll be out for a couple of weeks though, got a day at the cricket then olympic tickets so optimistically I'm thinking the 12th August.

Tight lines to all, and look me up on twitter if you're bored!


  1. I am not bored and I still added you on twitter - added you to my links list too - looking forward to hearing about your exploits!

  2. Succumbed to the evil Twitter hype a while ago but been stubbornly refusing to use it! I suppose it is like you say a good way to link up with other anglers. Consider yourself followed!
    Well done for that cracking fish too. The only way is up!

    1. Cheers mate! Yeh its pretty good for fishin info etc, and there are quite a few guys from around here so get good info on the rivers I fish.
      Enjoy getting that fish, I have heard of some bigguns in the area and that was my first taste, not that it was massive, but definitely the biggest I've had from that area! Tight lines, when the weather improves (just started storming outside...)